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Healing for the Natives
Healing for the Natives - So what caused my friend who is a white man to get interested in Native American ministry?
The Friendly Enemy - Lorraine Fast's testimony and journy to educate and equip the public to protect children against sexual assault.
Delivered from Asthma - Sandy Cwach's testimony of God's Healing Power through Anderson Upper Cervical Clinic.
Victoria's Triumphant Beginning It was a normal pregnancy, but a traumatic birth and it looked like the devil meant for this child to die or live a diminished, handicapped life.
Child's Prayer A testimony from D Renay Lee with Adoration from her childhood. A perfect example of the faith of a child and the effects of prayer in her life.
On The Potter's Wheel: Being Made Over Into Another Vessel is a compilation of many of the things Regina Bell has endured during her life time.
Jesus Came to Me by Terry Dean
Jesus Came to Me In Person by Terry Dean is a personal account of a visitation from Jesus he experienced while driving his simi truck.
Susan Dobson's Testimony will make you awed by the power of God to change lives for the better. Don't miss it!
It's All For The Kids - Life brings us FULL circle, through good times and bad, but with God's help and our trust in Him, we can make it through anything.



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