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A Web Site designed and hosted the way you want it. See our Web Site menu where you can pick the options you want and choose the level of involvement you are comfortable with. Most small businesses, ministries and churches are too busy ministering to learn how to publish a web site, so we will do it for you. Then if you want to take over your own maintenance you can, or we will do it for you at a very low cost.


Have you been wanting to use video on the Internet to present your CDs and Tapes, to display your products, to play your training tape or get your message out to specific audience but thought the price was out of your reach? Well, not any more! With these special prices, video and audio is available to even the small to medium sized promotional or educational budget.

Sample web audiopak™ files can be found at: God Hold This Nation or Tender Mercy.


Send an E-mail request to SMCI Design for a brochure about our services with your name in the body of the E-mail and the service you want information on in the "Subject" field.

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